June 7, 2012

Fiscal Year-End PeopleSoft Outage - Proposal Processing

PeopleSoft Financial System applications will be unavailable June 30 through July 2 for the fiscal year-end. As all accesses to the Grants Module are affected, please refer to the attached instructions for utilizing the Temporary Proposal Form for proposal processing during this period. Should you have questions, please contact your SGCA or any member of the Tiger Team


FY12 Year-End Close: June 30 - July 2, 2012
Proposal Processing via the Temporary Proposal Form

1    .       Department/Division: Complete the Temporary Proposal Form (TPF) and route for all signatures/approvals just as for any Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (PSRS). Be certain to retain a copy of the completed TPF for your files.

2    .       Department/Division: Provide the signed TPF and all accompanying proposal documents and guidelines to the appropriate OSPA Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator (SGCA).

3    .       OSPA: The SGCA will assign a Temporary Proposal Number (Temp#), if needed, providing this information to you in an email for your records.

4    .       OSPA: The SGCA will review the proposal per standard practice and prepare for University endorsement and mailing or electronic submission.

5    .       Department/Division: When the PeopleSoft Grants Module becomes available on July 3, enter a proposal using the TPF and generate a PSRS. Signatures/approvals collected for the TPF apply to the new PSRS. 

6    .       Department/Division: Provide the PSRS and associated Temp# to the SGCA.

7    .       OSPA: The SGCA will copy all temporary notes into the PeopleSoft Notepad and change the proposal status to “Submitted.”