April 30, 2012

NIH Just-In-Time Submissions

Please note the following concerning Just-In-Time (JIT) submissions as described in NIH Notice Number NOT-OD-12-101 and the eRA Commons JIT Submission Module:  

Beginning April 20, 2012, applications receiving an impact score of 40 or less will receive a standard notice and request for submitting JIT information. Notices will be sent via e-mail from NIH eRA Commons to the Project Director(s)/Principal Investigator(s) two weeks after release of the impact score indicating the importance of beginning the JIT process, particularly the need to obtain any necessary IRB and IACUC approvals.

        ·         IACUC Approval Date: If the proposed project involves research using live vertebrate animals, the verification date of IACUC approval along with any IACUC-imposed changes must be submitted.  Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable. 

        ·         IRB Approval Date: If the proposed project involves human subjects research, the certification date of IRB review and approval must be submitted. Pending or out-of-date approvals are not acceptable. 

      As at the time of award, certifications at JIT submission are project specific. For projects involving animals, a grant-protocol comparison must be done by the ACQA office to ensure that the animal use described in the application has been approved by the MU ACUC in an existing animal protocol(s). For projects involving human subjects, an IRB application for the proposed research must be submitted and approved.

OSPA and the ACQA and IRB offices recognize the urgency of submitting JIT information timely and will expedite the process to the best of our ability. In the meantime, Other Support information and any other required documents can be submitted immediately, followed by a subsequent submission once ACUC and/or IRB approval is received. Should you have any concerns about the timeline, your OSPA Senior Grants and Contracts Administrator (SGCA) can be in contact with NIH as often as necessary until all requirements are fulfilled.

As always, please feel free to call or email me with questions.