June 4, 2014

NIH Application Submission Reminders

NIH eSubmission Items of Interest - June 4, 2014

Don’t Forget the eSubmission Basics

I had the privilege of spending some time last week with the eRA Commons Help Desk and posed the question - “If you could tell the applicant community one thing about application submission what would it be?” I was a bit surprised to hear the same key messages that we have been pushing for years. On the other hand, that’s why we consider them ‘the eSubmission basics’.

June 3, 2014

NSF Releases Video Tutorial on Research.gov’s BibTeX Feature

Please review the following announcement from NSF and Research.gov.


On Wednesday, May 21, NSF released a video tutorial on Research.gov’s feature to capture citations in annual and final project reports through the uploading of a BibTeX file. This tutorial walks awardees through the creation and uploading process of a BibTeX file to a project report via Research.gov. To view the tutorial, visit the Research.gov Project Reporting page or click here.

The Research.gov BibTeX video tutorial is one in a series of tutorials that NSF is releasing to help awardees. This past February, NSF released the Project Reporting video tutorial, which highlights the process and tools available to complete and submit a project report.

We hope that you find these tutorials helpful. If you have any questions, please contact us at feedback@research.gov.


The Research.gov Team at the National Science Foundation