March 18, 2013

ePSRS approval process Pilot

Sincere thanks to all of our divisional and departmental partners who have tested the new ePSRS and Electronic Approval (EA) functionality in the PeopleSoft Grants Module. UM System has just moved the ePSRS into production today for use by all four campuses. Here at MU, we will implement a phase-in strategy, beginning with a full divisional pilot.  For those not currently participating in the pilot, please continue to utilize the current PDF and paper-based PSRS process at this time.

In the coming weeks, the Division of Plant Sciences (CAFNR) will pilot the ePSRS with their single-division (Plant-Sciences-only) proposals. As we learn through Plant Sciences’ experiences, we will solicit additional departments to participate, and then continue with this phase-in approach to full use across campus.

We welcome your feedback at all points along the way toward an improved approval process. Please contact us via the Truman Team: 882-7560 or