June 28, 2013

Policy on Fixed Price Agreements and Cost Reimbursable Agreements

Please review the following announcement concerning a policy change effective July 1, 2013. As stated below, the policy is not retroactive and, as such, does not apply to submitted proposals or to anticipated future year funding for awarded multi-year projects. 

Please contact the Tiger Team at tigerteam@missouri.edu or the Truman Team at 882-7560 with questions.


The Conflict of Interest Committee has approved the following policy regarding fixed priced agreements.  All proposals for research agreements and other sponsored activities meeting the criteria below must be in compliance with the policy no later than July 1, 2013.  The policy is not retroactive and will apply to proposals submitted after the end of the fiscal year.

All research agreements and other sponsored activities with companies in which a University employee, a University employee’s spouse, and/or a University employee’s dependent child(ren) has a significant interest must be processed as a cost reimbursable agreement.  A significant interest includes, but is not limited to, an equity interest in the company, a chief operating role with the company, and/or a consulting relationship with the company.  There is a rebuttable presumption that it is an unmanageable conflict of interest to execute fixed price agreements with these companies.  If there are extenuating circumstances in which a fixed price agreement is needed, prior approval must be obtained from the Conflict of Interest Committee.

June 14, 2013

NSF intends to release a new PAPPG in October 2013

NSF intends to release a new PAPPG in October 2013. This new version of the PAPPG will be effective for proposals submitted or due on or after January 14, 2013. with an anticipated effective date of January 2014. NSF invites the research and education community to access and review a draft version of the PAPPG.  The proposed significant changes are summarized on the first 5 pages of the document and then highlighted in yellow throughout the document. Comments may be submitted as indicated in the Federal Register notice until COB June 28, 2013. If you’re a heavy NSF awardee, I encourage you to review the upcoming changes and submit comments. If you’d like to forward your concerns to us in lieu of replying to the federal notice, please email them to the tigerteam@missouri.edu inbox.

·         A webcast will be available in early November 2012 covering all of the PAPPG revisions (send an e-mail topolicy@nsf.gov to be notified when this webcast is available).